A visit from Policeman Cisco

We spent some time today with policeman Cisco. We learned about some professions, about safety measures,traffic lights.. In the end,…

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Visiting P3

All the caimans went to the p3 playground today! We were so excited to explore and enjoy it! We also…

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Angela’s birthday!

Angela was so happy celebrating her birthday with her friends, and she gave each one a sweet to take home!

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Saint Jordi’s Literary week

We’ve had an eventful literary week. Celebrating St Jordi with stories, puppet shows and songs.. and we had the pleasure…

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Animal footsteps

We printed animal footsteps using paint today.. the tiger, the elephant, the horse.. and observed the different footsteps on paper:…

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Birthdays celebrations

Birthdays!!! We are 3 years old!! This week, we have celebrated the birthdays of Maria, Bruno and Gabriel. They all…

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Summer Atelier

We went out to our summer atelier and “drew with Chalk” on paper. We used different colours and made drawings…

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A visit to Our Lady

We did our first visit to Our Lady today bringing her some lovely white flowers! We sang a song and…

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Experimenting with bubbles!

The Caimans went to the atelier on friday morning, and experimented blowing out bubbles with soap and colouring.. Seeing how…

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Happy Birthday Martina

Martina is 3! Happy Birthday Martina!! We celebrated singing, and Martina blew out the candle on her lovely chocolate cake.…

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Spring Time

Spring has arrived.. It’s so lovely to go out to the playground in the beautiful warm sun again.. we didn’t…

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“Egg Hunt”

We went searching for chocolate easter eggs in the playground.. some children were lucky and found some!! Finally, we ate…

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Easter Eggs

Happy Easter!!! The Caimans in Llar 2 have decorated Easter eggs! It was an interesting process.. first we drew on…

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Marc’s Birthday!!

It’ll soon be Marc’s Birthday, he will be three!! To celebrate, his mother brought a piñata to the class, all…

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St. Patrick’s Day

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, 17th of March. We all dressed with something green, painted shamrocks, listened to lively Irish…

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A walk around the school

We all went for a walk around the school today. We explored the big children’s gymm, looked into some of…

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The red Party

The Red Party!! We’ve really enjoyed painting, sticking, playing with red objects and dressing up in red. Real fun!!

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