VESS is such fun!

It’s through the ordinary things of our every day life, that we can structure our mind doing thinking exercises!

Fa 5 mesos


This is us.. The Caimans! playing and concentrating on our activities in the corners of the class!

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Swimming pool time

This is the last week of summer camp and today we enjoyed a lot on the swim pad. It’s very…

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Painting planets

This summer camp we have had the opportunity to travel around the universe and learn many things. Our astronaut friend…

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How is the moon?

How is the moon? Yesterday we discovered it by building a little moon in the Atelier. We made it with…

Fa 12 mesos

The Earth

This week we have painted the Earth, our planet. We have learnt that the Earth is made of land and…

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“Simon Says” game

We love to play games all together!! Today we played “Simon Says” game. Simon told us to touch our belly,…

Fa 12 mesos

We go to the Pool!!

We love going to the swimming pool! We are learning how to swim while we are having fun with our…

Fa 12 mesos

First day of Summer Camp

During the Summer Camp, we go to the Summer Atelier with teacher Merche. We love it because there we can…

Fa 12 mesos

The Blue Party

We experimented with different textures of paint and paper: Transparent, soft, crumply.. We created different figures and shapes. Observed, played…

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Our Summer Festival

And today, we finally had our Big Day! Our summer Festival. All of the Caimans of Llar2 represented ” Love”.…

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Going on the bus

Tomorrow is the festival and it was such fun going on the BUS!! Tying up our seat belts and enjoying…

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Julio’s Birthday

It’s Julio’s Birthday! Julio is 3 years old today.. We are all very happy for him, he was the center…

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Summer Atelier

Today some of us went to the summer atelier and experimented with clay. We shaped it with our hands and…

A visit from Policeman Cisco

We spent some time today with policeman Cisco. We learned about some professions, about safety measures,traffic lights.. In the end,…

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Visiting P3

All the caimans went to the p3 playground today! We were so excited to explore and enjoy it! We also…

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Angela’s birthday!

Angela was so happy celebrating her birthday with her friends, and she gave each one a sweet to take home!

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Saint Jordi’s Literary week

We’ve had an eventful literary week. Celebrating St Jordi with stories, puppet shows and songs.. and we had the pleasure…

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