VESS is such fun!

It’s through the ordinary things of our every day life, that we can structure our mind doing thinking exercises!

Fa 3 setmanes


This is us.. The Caimans! playing and concentrating on our activities in the corners of the class!

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Swimming pool time

This is the last week of summer camp and today we enjoyed a lot on the swim pad. It’s very…

Fa 7 mesos

Swimming pool time!

We love going to the swimming pool! Every day we gain more confidence in ourselves and we try new challenges,…

Fa 7 mesos

Moon texture

In Atelier, we experimented with the moon texture, using salt and chalk: it was really interesting! We played with different…

Fa 7 mesos

Painting planets

This summer camp we have had the opportunity to travel around the universe and learn many things. Our astronaut friend…

Fa 7 mesos

modelem el nostra planeta

Aquesta setmana hem treballat els diferents planetes de la nostra galàxia. Per això hem modelat el nostra pròpi planeta!! Que…

Fa 7 mesos

How is the moon?

How is the moon? Yesterday we discovered it by building a little moon in the Atelier. We made it with…

Fa 7 mesos

Summer Atelier

Last friday we went to the Atelier outside with teacher Merche. We explored our creativity through mud sculptures, watercolor paintings…

Fa 7 mesos

The Earth

This week we have painted the Earth, our planet. We have learnt that the Earth is made of land and…

Fa 8 mesos

Mini atelier d’estiu

Anem al mini atelier d’estiu!La teacher ens presenta a l’osset astronauta, gaudim molt pintant l’univers i creant el nostre cohet…

Fa 8 mesos

Pintem els planetes!

El Lupito aquesta setmana ens ha ensenyat els planetes de la nostra galàxia i els hem pintat!

Fa 8 mesos