Oranges and lemons

On Friday Lucas brought oranges and lemons to school. We decided to give them a little taste. First, we cut…

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

On Monday the English classes celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, the patron saint of Ireland. He was a Christian missionary who…

Spring is Coming!

This week we were in the playground, when suddenly, we noticed the trees were different! What are these little green…

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Cisco the Policeman

Today Cisco the Policeman came to visit us. We talked about road safety. He brought a traffic light with him…

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We’re learning to put on and take off our shoes, do the buttons of our babis, put on our jackets……

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Traffic Signs Around School

Today we took a quick trip around our school to find traffic signs. We are learning about the importance of…

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P3B visit P4C

Today P3B visited P4C. We had a question: ” What happens in a P4 class?” They told us that they…

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VESS is such fun!

It’s through the ordinary things of our every day life, that we can structure our mind doing thinking exercises!

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Espais d’aprenentatge

Hem tornat de vacances de nadal amb ganes de compartir estones de joc, d’aprenentatge, d’intercanvi d’idees, d’escoltar històries… Treballem per…

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Aprofitem que estem treballant l’hivern, experimenten amb gel.Ens ho hem Passat molt bé.  

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En la sesión de Atrium de esta semana no hemos visto ninguna presentación nueva. Hemos podido escoger el material o…

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