The Castanyeres

The Castanyeres visit to our classroom was really fun!!    

Fa 11 mesos

Making panellets!

Last monday we prepared some panellets: we enjoyed experimenting with the dough, smelling it, making some panellets…

Fa 11 mesos

At the playground

We have been enjoying a lot our time in the playground: we love driving motos, playing with the sand, blowing…

Fa 11 mesos

Autumn fun!

This past week we’ve started our Autumn activities: picking up leaves and songs. At the same time, we are gaining…

Fa 12 mesos

Learning through the corners!!

Last week we worked in our corners: kitchen, playdough, drawing, stickers, constructions, reading… we loved it!!!  

Fa 12 mesos

First days in our new class

We have been enjoying a lot our first days in the new class – learning new songs and playing with…

Fa 12 mesos

Water games!

Today we all refreshed ourselves in the playground and did water games! We wore our bathing suits and had fun…

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We have chicks!!

We’ve had some eggs in Llar 2D for two weeks in an incubator, and we’ve actually seen some of them…

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Llar 2 celebrated “THE RED PARTY” on Friday!! We had fun painting, sticking and gluing, playing with red toys… and…

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Let’s paint the winter!

We had fun using various techniques and materials to stamp the colours of the winter: blue, black and white.

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