Water games!

Today we all refreshed ourselves in the playground and did water games! We wore our bathing suits and had fun…

Fa 3 mesos

We have chicks!!

We’ve had some eggs in Llar 2D for two weeks in an incubator, and we’ve actually seen some of them…

Fa 4 mesos


Llar 2 celebrated “THE RED PARTY” on Friday!! We had fun painting, sticking and gluing, playing with red toys… and…

Fa 6 mesos

Let’s paint the winter!

We had fun using various techniques and materials to stamp the colours of the winter: blue, black and white.

Fa 8 mesos

Our Routine

We are in winter and we have to get ready with our shoes, scarves, jackets and hats. We love to sing…

Fa 8 mesos

The Music Week

We have been celebrating Sta. Cecilia for the whole week. We’ve had diferent people that have participated playing instruments for…

Fa 10 mesos

En Jon i el misteri del saxofon!

Celebrem la Setmana de Santa Cecília!!!!! Hem rebut la visita d’ uns professors de Turó que ens han explicat la història…

Fa 10 mesos