A walk around the school

We all went for a walk around the school today. We explored the big children’s gymm, looked into some of…

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The red Party

The Red Party!! We’ve really enjoyed painting, sticking, playing with red objects and dressing up in red. Real fun!!

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” The medals ceremony”

Last week we had “The medals ceremony”! Four of our children have mastered potty training. They all got their medals…

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Bruno Bonet’s Birthday

We celebrated Bruno Bonet’s Birthday today!! Had a lovely cake, and we all joined in the singing of : “Happy…

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Puppet show!

All the groups from the p2 and p1 classes went to “The Theatre”, we saw a PUPPET SHOW! The first…

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Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills!! This activity helps us develop our fine motor skills, and concentration.

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Sand Pitt

We got more sand for the sand for our Sand Pitt! We watched the crain, dropping the sand… It was…

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A week of Birthdays

It was a week of Birthday Celebrations. Marti, Carlota and Leo are three years old!! We had birthday cake and…

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It’s freezing!!

It’s freezing!! And we dressed up warmly to play and have fun in the playground!!

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Bombolles de colors

Uns quants caimans hem passat una estona a l’Atelier, on hem unit art i l’habilitat lingüística de bufar. Ens hem…

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The rain has come

The rain has come to visit us in Valdoreix. We enjoy listening to it, watching it, feeling it…

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The Yellow Party

Last Wednesday we celebrated ” The Yellow Party”! We dressed up in yellow clothes, painted with sponges, brushes, stuck yellow…

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Class Corners

Little by little we are learning to play in the different Class Corners. We play with trains, animals, blocks, legos……

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The music week of Santa Cecilia

Continuing Santa Cecilia celebrations Gabriel’s grandfather and Marc’s brothers came to play instruments! The violin, the piano and the mouth…

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School ATELIER!!

Our first time in the school ATELIER! Our activity has been making magic playdogh from salt! Then it turned pink!

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